Post apocalyptic books

Post Apocalyptic Books

Who doesn't love sitting down with a great post apocalyptic book? Our fascination with the end of the world is often satisfied with a good post apocalyptic fiction.

Looking for a strong woman to take on the apocalypse?

D Stalter is the author of the "Post Apocalyptic Woman" series.

Allison is a farm wife. While she doesn't think she's a prepper, when a solar flare takes down the power grid, she is more prepared than she realized.

As an herbalist, Allison is willing to share her secrets of growing and using her herbs with the wanderers who join her.

Riley and Will are motorcycle buddies on a mission to rescue Riley's nephew who's been kidnapped by his father.

When the solar flare throws them all together, there's going to be problems. And this begins their Armageddon.

Discover how these characters worked together to survive the end of the world.

In Allison's Secret, we meet Allison and learn how she builds a community to survive the the coming post apocalyptic winter.

In The Accord, we watch as one invited guest tried to destroy the community.

In A New Dawn, a madman has released dangerous prisoners and use them to become the President of the state forcing all survivors to work for him.


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 Ms. Stalter's Middle Grade "Ghost World" series features a young boy who discovers a ghost in his new house. He isn't amused when the ghost disrupts his life at home and at school. When his new friend accidentally wrenches him into Ghost World, what Jaedon discovers will change his life forever.

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Post Apocalyptic Books By D Stalter

Allison's Secret Post Apocalyptic The Accord Post Apocalyptic A New Dawn Post apocalyptic book

Allison's Secret

The Accord A New Dawn Lost In Ghost World The Devil Comes Calling

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